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Welcome to Week 2


This week you will be able to apply the knowledge you have gained so far by exploring how a diagnosis is made.

We will also introduce you to the importance of considering factors that could impact on diagnosis, such as culture.

  • Does an individual’s diagnosis differ depending on their own culture and that of the care professional?

  • Can this impact how they might be treated for a mental health issue?

You will have the opportunity to evaluate these points during this week. It will provide you with a real experience as to how we diagnose mental health issues, the complexities of this and how it can be influenced by other factors such as culture.

Mental health issues are often not talked about and issues with diagnosis can complicate this matter further. Is a clearer method needed for diagnosis or is it working well as it currently stands?

By the end of this week you will decide what you think and reflect on your thoughts on this topic.

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Defining Mental Health: A Short Introduction

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