Skip to 0 minutes and 5 secondsThis week, we're going to introduce and review the idea that the arts can create common ground between people and that this might be particularly valuable for those of us who are living with dementias. We will explore how the arts can enable shared experiences and that the creative process is something that is done with somebody and not simply to someone. Through this, we will introduce the notion of co-creativity, which establishes an equal relationship between two or more people and ensures that people with dementia have an equal footing in being able to contribute to experiences as opposed to simply being the recipients.

Welcome to Week 3

Julian West (musician and Head of Open Academy, Royal Academy of Music) provides an overview of the week’s content, introducing this week’s key concepts and questions.

This week’s topics will explore:

  • How can the arts create common ground between people, and how can this be particularly valuable for those of us living with dementias?

  • How can the arts enable shared experiences?

  • How the creative process is something that is done with somebody, and not to somebody.

  • The concept of co-creativity.

The background music to this Welcome to Week 3 video comes from Hannah Peel’s instrumental version of ‘Hope Lasts’, taken from her album Awake But Always Dreaming, which was written as a way of addressing, exploring and coming to terms with her grandmother’s dementia. About this piece of music, Hannah says: ‘This was written on a trip to my homeland of Donegal, Ireland, a place I love to visit and see family. The people and place are full of memories for me, old and new and which expand each time I go back. I wanted the lyrics to reveal an ease and happiness, seeing over and beyond any troubles. When I’m back in London, I imagine looking at the tawny hills that speak volumes with their past… these are moments of pure joy and optimism in life for me to treasure and keep safe. When I think of my granny Joyce, these are the moments I can’t help but imagine she kept safe too.’

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