A call to action: designing for the future

As part of Lynne’s role within Newcastle University, she directs the Dementia Innovation Hub, which is a catalyst for innovation in dementia. By bringing together knowledge from the latest research and insights from carers and practitioners, we focus on what works and what needs to change to improve the lives of people living with dementia across the world.

She is also part of the National Centre for Ageing Science and Innovation (NASI), at Newcastle University, a brand new centre which looks at all aspects of ageing. We are bringing together the latest research evidence with ideas developed by innovators and members of the public (via an organisation called ‘Voice North’). Our role is to influence the direction of research and shape the next generation of products and services.

Some products and services we have come across are still in the early stages of design as prototypes or pilot studies, whilst others are closer to reaching the wider consumer market. But as we’ve already suggested, we need more evidence about the effectiveness of new innovative products and services so that these can be improved to meet our changing needs. Your insights and experiences are valuable for thinking about what would be useful and what might work, now and in the future.

You can give your insights into innovations on the horizon by getting involved in the work we do:

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