Skip to 0 minutes and 11 secondsSo welcome to the course. The aim of the course is to demystify some of your preconceptions about entrepreneurship. That might sound a little bit presumptuous, but what we know from our teaching of entrepreneurship over many years is that people approach the subject either fully fledged understanding of what they believe entrepreneurship is or believing that they are not entrepreneurial at all and there is no place for them at all in the sphere of entrepreneurship.

Skip to 0 minutes and 35 secondsWe designed the course with the aim of really attracting those people who were thinking about entrepreneurship as a serious future option for them and so we will start with by telling you really that entrepreneurship isn't what you have probably been told it is for very many years and so this demystifying process is breaking down our preconceived ideas about what it means to be entrepreneurial and saying entrepreneurship can mean many things to many people in many different ways.

Skip to 1 minute and 5 secondsWe are going to explore with you a whole series of what we call entrepreneurial architypes and definitions of entrepreneurship, not in a very dry and static sort of way but really to challenge your understanding of entrepreneurship as a concept and start to challenge you to think about how you might be entrepreneurial or behaving in an entrepreneurial way even if it does not involve you starting a business.

Welcome to demystifying entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship means different things to different people and there are many interpretations.

In this course, we explore the differing manifestations of entrepreneurship and how our understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur came about. Its evolution is a fascinating journey through social, economic and political society.

This short course in Demystifying Entrepreneurship is the two-week introduction for a program in Critiquing Entrepreneurship which forms part of the online PGCert in Entrepreneurship, delivered jointly by Coventry University and Deakin University delivered on FutureLearn.

This short course will give you the opportunity to experience what it will be like to study online with us.

This week

We address the question of what makes someone an entrepreneur. While this may seem relatively straightforward at the outset, a deeper analysis reveals there are highly complex issues that will challenge us to reflect on how our understanding has been shaped so far and if this understanding might shape our own entrepreneurial behaviour.

Through this week’s activities you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the various ways our concept of the entrepreneur has been created
  • Start to challenge accepted or stereotypical notions of entrepreneurship and what being an entrepreneur might mean
  • Explore your own entrepreneurial profile

Different ways to learn

  • If you have a general interest in this topic, you can work through the core learning activities in about three hours each week. You will have the opportunity to check your understanding and spend some time joining the discussions.
  • If you would like to develop an integrated understanding of the topic, expected at a postgraduate level, you can spend more time engaging with all the learning activities. Delve into the additional resources listed below ‘See also’ and actively comment, take part in discussions and review how other participants are responding and engaging.

Professional development

If you choose to upgrade, you will be provided with a Statement of Participation at the conclusion of this Course. To be eligible, you must mark at least 90% of the steps in this course as complete and achieve 70% or above in each course test. To review your progress, refer to the progress page.

Your task

Introduce yourself to your fellow learners and tell us about your motivation for taking this course.

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