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How entrepreneurial are you?

The psychological perspective puts the capability and personality of the person at the centre of entrepreneurship.

It extends this view with the theory that if the personality traits of the entrepreneur could be determined and measured, it would be possible to identify the essential personal ‘ingredients’ that an entrepreneur needed to be successful (Smith et al 2014: 207).

This has led to the development of a number of tests that claim to provide you with your own entrepreneurial profile, enabling you to ‘measure’ your propensity for entrepreneurship.

Therefore, you may like to take one of the many entrepreneurial profiling tests which will help you start to evaluate your own entrepreneurial profile. We will explore one of them, the General Enterprising Tendency Test (version 2) – known as the GET2 test.

Your task

Complete the GET2 test and then evaluate your score using the guidance available in PDF format from the Open University. Pages 4-7 and 16-20 will be the most helpful, however, please note that the online version of the test uses a different scale for scoring to the PDF. Whilst the percentages will be different, the descriptions are the same.

Having completed the test and seen your results, what is your immediate response? Consider the following:

  • Does your GET2 profile match with how you see yourself?
  • Are there areas you would like to ‘improve’?
  • If so, how do you think you could do this?

Remember, the GET2 is a self-assessment test which aims to give you an idea of your enterprising potential. It is a reflective tool that allows you to consider if there are areas that you could develop more through education, training or experience. It is only a reflection of your responses and therefore it is important that you answer the questions as honestly as possible.

We will explore the GET2 test in more detail next week.


Smith, R., Bell, R., & Watts, H. (2014). ‘Personality Trait Differences between Traditional and Social Entrepreneurs’. Social Enterprise Journal 10(3), 200–221

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