Welcome to Week 2

This week you will explore what motivates people to become entrepreneurs and consider the influences of personality and circumstances as key factors in that process.

Through this week’s activities you will:

  • Start to unpack the characteristics and traits that are said to define the entrepreneur
  • Explore the wide range of ways that entrepreneurial behaviour can be realised
  • Consider how we can measure success in entrepreneurship
  • Reflect on your own entrepreneurial profile

People often accept the notion of the entrepreneur as being linked with start-up without challenge because this is how they are often portrayed, and consequently they don’t identify themselves as entrepreneurs. The persona of the entrepreneur is often presented in such precise terms that it leaves us with a clear choice of saying ‘YES’ I am like that, or ‘NO’ I am not.

However, the reality is that there is no single profile of what makes an entrepreneur. We will discover this week that there are many types of entrepreneur known as archetypes) and we may identify with one or more of them. The archetype we identify with may change over time. However, what is more enduring is our personality, so we will explore entrepreneurship as personality in a little more detail.

Your task

What are you looking forward to learning this week?

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