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The Future Scene: This is where your adventure begins

Imagine that you have been transported into the future to January 30, 2235. You are standing in front a virtual reality communication system. Your system notifies you that you are one of millions of people all over the world waiting for a very important announcement from the director of the Global Environmental Reform Committee, who is about to speak.

You can see her in her broadcasting studio. She takes a deep breath as she prepares for her broadcast. The camera crew signals her – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Lights, camera, action…Then you hear her speak.

“My fellow citizens: Two hundred years ago, we were forced to migrate to underground dwellings due to intense climatic events and desertification issues. Today, January 30, 2235, marks the two hundredth anniversary of the enactment of the Earth Restoration Project, and I am proud to announce that it is nearing completion. Soon we will be freed from this underground prison to stand on the surface of the Earth once again. Yet, as eager as we are to begin this transition, one last important task awaits us. Please put on your Advanced Historical Actualization Attire (AHAA) and prepare for a virtual journey into the past. Understanding the underlying causes of this disaster will help us to reduce the chance that history will repeat itself.”

Immediately 3-D holographic images materialize, and the narrator begins,“Desertification is a complex process with multiple causes. Some are natural and others are not.”

Suddenly, the images disappear, and a warning message appears instead. WARNING! You are unauthorized to use the AHAA system. You must accept your mission and complete this week’s training prior to viewing images of the future.

Do you accept your mission?

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