Influencing Policy: Experiences from the field

In this presentation, Fred Carden, presently Director of Using Evidence Inc. (Canada), tells us about his findings regarding the conditions under which research may have an influence on policies.

Based on analyses made when he was Director of Evaluation at the IDRC and published in his book: Knowledge to Policy: making the most of development research, Carden gives us some tips to bear in mind when we seek to understand how it is possible to ensure evidence is used more effectively.

Carden says that, together with many research workers, they tended to focus on doing good research, naively thinking that this would ensure that the research would be used effectively. However, subsequently they saw that there was a problem with this way of thinking: unless they were more intentional on how research supported by the Centre influenced policies, it was improbable that it would be able to do so.

These thoughts are also addressed in a chapter the author ellaborated for the UNESCO book on Social Science and Policy Challenges. Democracy, values and capacities (Georgios Papanagnou, publisher).

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Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean: Research, Policy and Management for Social Transformations