Evaluation for equity in policies (Part 1)

In this conversation, Fred Carden (Canada), Director of Using Evidence Inc. and former Director of Evaluation of IDRC/CRDI exchanges thoughts with Marianela Armijo (Chile), former ILPES/ECLAC consultant on a central problem for our region: the importance of evaluating equity in policies.

Going beyond the technical vision of policy assessment (did it fulfil its objectives, did it achieve the expected results, the degree of efficiency and effectiveness of the implantation), Carden and Armijo wonder whether the design of policy evaluation is conceived to promote equity actively or if, on the contrary, it is merely a passive witness to the performance of a policy.

Based on his studies in the field of health policies, Fred Carden brings up the need to consider the evaluation of policies with the objective of facing inequities, thus going from a technical approach to a socio-political one.


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Inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean: Research, Policy and Management for Social Transformations