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What is CQ drive?

CQ drive or motivation is your interest and confidence to interact effectively and appropriately when you encounter differences, diversity, and cross-cultural situations. The motivation to do this work and make this effort is often overlooked.

When we lack ample drive to take on the challenges to develop cultural intelligence, we probably will not be effective in building bridges across diversities and differences. So what is your personal motivation for developing your ability to relate and work with people different from you? To what degree are you able to manage your emotions and frustrations when you encounter multicultural difficulties?

In week one we learned about ten cultural differences. If we are not careful we can immediately assume all there is to developing cultural intelligence is to be cognitively aware of diversity. In this course, we wish for you to be aware of the differences but then ask yourself if you are interested in relating effectively and naturally with diverse others.

CQ drive requires us to be motivated to learn and to adapt to new and diverse settings. We need the confidence to interact effectively and appropriately across cultures and difference. We need the motivation to develop our self-awareness of the cultural lens through which we make meaning of differences. We need the motivation to develop awareness of the diverse other. This may require managing thoughts and emotions. We may need to deal with ambiguity. Are we motivated to reframe our perceptions? Do we have sufficient drive to adapt our behavior?

This week we will dissect CQ drive into three different motivations or interests. We will discuss each of these and do an activity with each of the three types of motivations.

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