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Activity on self-efficacy

CQ drive: self-efficacy means you developed the confidence to deal appropriately and effectively with diversity. In order to have confidence, you need to have some experiences and successes. Here are three options to practice facing some anxiety with differences and reflecting on encountering diversity.

The first option for practice is to have lunch with someone who works or lives in an entirely different context than you. Compare notes on what similarities and differences exist in your respective contexts.

Option two is to switch roles with a peer or colleague who works with a diversity or cultural group that is unfamiliar to you. If you can not switch roles, maybe you can volunteer to do work with this diverse group. Reflect on how this experience improves your confidence for working with individuals from that context.

The third option is perhaps the easiest. Recall a time when you felt out of your element but ended up succeeding. What led to this success? Reflect on how you can draw from that experience to guide you in a cultural context unfamiliar to you.

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