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What is CQ knowledge?

The beliefs, values, and assumptions of people are influenced by their culture. CQ Knowledge is your understanding of how cultures are similar and different.

CQ cognition is your level of familiarity with how cultures are similar and different. Perhaps you may recall from week one that the cultural values dimensions of ten geographic cultural clusters provide an understanding of diversity and various cultural influences. Individuals with high CQ knowledge have an extensive understanding of cultures and how these influence the ways people think and behave.

Do you have the cultural knowledge and understanding necessary to be effective cross-culturally? The research-based model of cultural intelligence identifies four areas as part of CQ knowledge. CQ knowledge addresses business, interpersonal, socio-linguistics, and leadership. In our course, we will use these four areas to increase our CQ knowledge. In addition, you may also wish to expand your understanding of cultural differences and similarities in other areas that are more applicable and productive for you.

What ways do you attempt to improve your CQ Knowledge? In the comments below, please share your attempts to improve. Then join in the discussion with others and then mark this step complete.

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