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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 seconds Job well done. You completed your learning in week three. This week, we examined your understanding of how cultures are similar and how they are different. We considered how culture and diversity influences how people think and how they behave. This week, you developed an awareness of business systems, sociolinguistics, and interpersonal values and norms conditioned to leadership. One of the most helpful activities to assist us to understand cultural intelligence, knowledge or cognition, is to study the images of cultural iceberg theory. When you realize all the diversity and cultural variations that are beneath the surface and out of our sight, then we begin to appreciate the value of CQ knowledge or cognition.

Skip to 0 minutes and 56 seconds In week four we will state and explain our awareness and ability to plan for diversity and multicultural interactions. Next week we look at CQ metacognition or strategy, including our awareness, planning and checking. See you next week.

Wrapping up this week

Congratulations on completing week three and learning about CQ knowledge or cognition. Chuck Calahan reviews our learning for this week in the video.

As a reminder you may also wish to complete the Cultural Intelligence Assessment which is available for a fee. This CQ assessment gives you your specific CQ profile. Knowing your specific CQ profile will deepen your learning experience with cultural intelligence. To be very clear, the assessment on the Cultural Intelligence websites is not required for completion of this FutureLearn course.

Next week we will learn about CQ strategy or meta-cognition, including awareness, planning, and checking.

See you next week!

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