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Practicing awareness

This step is an exercise in developing your CQ strategy or meta-cognition. Specifically, we wish for you to develop your self-awareness of your own implicit or unconscious biases. We will visit the implicit biases research project at Harvard University and complete the free implicit biases assessments.

Please go to https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/

Please complete at least one to three or more of the implicit biases tests. Please write down any responses or reflections you have of what the tests reveal about your unconscious assumptions.

The link to the Implicit Association Tests is also provided below.

Another option is for you to reflect and to self-identify a bias you notice in your self. For example, I know I have a bias for older male pilots when I fly a commercial airline. A very current example for me is the bias for a male doctor since I am a male. My doctor retired recently and I have a choice of selecting a new male or female doctor. If you are human you have biases. This is your chance to reflect on the ones you recognize.

In comments, please share which tests you completed or a bias you recognize in yourself. Mark this step complete.

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