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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 seconds Thank you for completing week 4 of our cultural intelligence course. This week we reviewed cultural intelligence strategy or metacognition. The learning outcome was for you to discuss you own awareness and ability to plan for diverse interactions. We considered your ability to adapt your work style to accommodate the different ways others go about their jobs. We looked at minimizing all pilot mode, which when we’re interacting with culturally different others affects how we behave. This week, we learn how strategizing and planning before a culturally diverse encounter is wise. We became more aware of the importance, or awareness and sensing the diverse perspectives of self and others. Checking our assumptions and adapting our behavior promotes effective interaction.

Skip to 1 minute and 2 seconds Next week, we will learn about CQ action or behavior. CQ behavior includes verbal and non-verbal behaviors. CQ behavior also includes speech acts or modifying the manner and the content of our communications to address diversity or cross-cultural interactions. Our learning goals for next week are for you to appraise your abilities to adapt when relating and working with diverse populations. We will also ask you to identify strategies for your own cultural intelligence improvement and development. We look forward to learning together with you next week.

End of this week

Thank you for completing week four and learning about CQ strategy including awareness, planning, and checking.

This development of your meta-cognition is vital for increasing your cultural intelligence. In this video, Chuck Calahan reviews the learning in week four and looks ahead to next week’s topics of CQ action or behavior which includes speech acts, verbal behaviors, and non-verbal behaviors.

Next week is week five and our final week together.

See you next week!

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