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Verbal activity

High CQ action: verbal behavior requires you to adjust and change the ways you verbally communicate so you are more effective and appropriate in a cross-cultural situation. This step is an opportunity to identify a specific verbal behavior and to practice changing it.

For this assigned activity consider a verbal behavior you have that you may wish to change. Perhaps you use filler words such as “like” or “uh-uh.” Maybe you say “you know” too often. Perhaps there is a specific word you need to pronounce correctly. For example, I grew up in western Pennsylvania in the United States and learned to say the word “wash” with an “r” sound or “warsh.” Is there a specific cross-cultural verbal communication behavior you wish to improve? If you are not thinking readily of a verbal behavior to change, ask a partner, friend, co-worker if they have a suggestion.

Your assignment in this step is to take at least one day and preferably more than one, to strive to alter, change or adjust this specific behavior. In comments please share the specific verbal behavior you wish to adjust or improve. Then join the conversation and mark this step complete.

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