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Skip to 0 minutes and 11 seconds Congratulations, you completed the content in week 5, relating to cultural intelligence, action, or behavior. This means you appraised your ability to adapt and relate and work with diversity and intercultural situations or persons. You evaluated your verbal and non-verbal behaviors. You reflected on your ability to modify and adapt your behavior and the content of communication. This week we examined the fourth and final element of cultural intelligence, which is action or behavior. This week we also invited you to design and plan to continue developing your cultural intelligence. This means you identified strategies for improving CQ drive, knowledge, strategy, and action. In the next two steps, we encourage you to complete the week 5 quiz.

Skip to 1 minute and 0 seconds And participate in the discussion on cultural intelligence action or behavior. Please continue to the following steps.

Let's review

In this video, Chuck Calahan reviews the learning of week five.

So far this week you learned about CQ action or behavior and explored potential strategies for improving your CQ drive, knowledge, strategy, and action.

Coming up next is the opportunity for you to document your learning by completing a quiz on CQ action. We will also have a CQ action final discussion topic as a capstone for what you may set as a CQ action next step for yourself.

Please continue with the final steps of week five.

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