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What is CQ action?

CQ action brings together CQ drive, CQ knowledge, and CQ strategy. CQ action is behavior based on motivation, cognition, and meta-cognition. CQ action is your ability to act effectively and appropriately in different cultures. It includes your flexibility in communicating and adapting to different cultural norms.

Persons with high CQ action possess a broad dexterity and repertoire of verbal behaviors, nonverbal behaviors, and speech acts which they can apply in a specific diverse encounter. They know when to adapt and when not to adapt. This moves them beyond motivation, understanding, and strategy to actually engage diversity and multicultural relationships.

CQ action involves implementing the social etiquette and appropriate behavior to suit a diverse context. Persons with high CQ action do this without giving it much thought. Adaptation means to be comfortable in nonverbal behavior such as gestures and facial expressions. Language, tone, pronunciation, and inflection are changed to match the cultural context. Words are used in a variety of ways to effectively accomplish goals in multicultural contexts.

Take a few minutes and reflect on your self-evaluation of how well you are able to bring together CQ drive or motivation, CQ knowledge or cognition, and CQ strategy or meta-cognition. Which one of the three is a strength? Which one is one to improve.

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