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Skip to 0 minutes and 21 seconds Cultural Intelligence or CQ is your level of effectiveness working across cultures. In fact, cultural intelligence is proven to predict your success or failure in today’s global marketplace but who’s successful might surprise you.

Skip to 0 minutes and 53 seconds Our research over the last ten years across more than 30 countries reveals four capabilities that consistently emerge among those who can be described as culturally intelligent. First of all, they have high CQ drive, that is they have an interest in motivation in cross cultural issues. Second, they have high CQ knowledge, that is they have a good grasp of cultural similarities and differences. Third, they have high CQ strategy, that is they have an ability to be aware and plan in light of cross-cultural issues. Fourth, they have high CQ action, they can appropriately adapt their behavior for various cross-cultural scenarios. So what’s the cultural intelligence difference?

What is the cultural intelligence difference?

David Livermore, Ph.D. is a leading author on cultural intelligence. His books include The Cultural Intelligence Difference, Leading with Cultural Intelligence, and Driven by Difference. Dr. Livermore is the president and partner of the Cultural Intelligence Center.

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is based on research by scholars from around the world. These researchers identified four specific capabilities comprising CQ. The first is CQ drive or motivation. Second is CQ knowledge or cognition. Next is CQ strategy or meta-cognition. The last capability is CQ action or behavior.

What is critical to understand is cultural intelligence can be developed and improved. Increasing cultural intelligence improves our ability to adapt to diverse contexts and different cultures.

The remainder of this week we will learn about ten specific cultural value dimensions that provide insights into the ways we are diverse and different across cultures. In the last four weeks of our course, we will learn about CQ drive, knowledge, strategy, and action.

You may also wish to complete the Cultural Intelligence Assessment which is available for a fee. This CQ assessment gives you your specific CQ profile. Knowing your specific CQ profile will deepen your learning experience with cultural intelligence. To be very clear, the assessment on the Cultural Intelligence websites is not required for completion of this FutureLearn course.

Please reflect on a time or situation when you were effective in handling a cross-cultural difference. Share your story in the comments. Take about ten minutes and read the stories of others and respond to what your fellow learners shared with you.

Finally, be sure to mark this step complete.

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