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I am Dr. Diane Hamilton and I am the President and Founder of Tonerra, a global coaching and consulting firm. I am also a nationally syndicated radio host, speaker, and educator.

Profile of Dr. Diane Hamilton

Through my work as the MBA Program Chair at the Forbes School of Business and several other universities, I have taught more than 1000 business courses. I have a Ph.D. in Business and am a certified Myers-Briggs MBTI and Emotional Intelligence EQ-i instructor. I advise and inspire Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs, to help them increase engagement, improve productivity, and reduce conflict.

I am the author of multiple books which are required reading at multiple universities throughout the world, including Cracking the Curiosity Code: The Key to Unlocking Human Potential. I am also the creator of the Curiosity Code Index® assessment, which is the first and only assessment that determines the factors that inhibit curiosity.

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Innovative Leadership: Developing Curiosity

The Innovative Leadership: Developing Curiosity course is designed to help you unlock your curiosity potential.

What will you learn?

Throughout the course we explore: what is curiosity? Where does it stem from? We look at what makes us as individuals more curious and how we can all enhance our curiosity. We then dig deep into learning how to identify and determine the key factors that inhibit us from unleashing our curiosity potential and what steps we can take to prevent these blockers.

From this course you will gain:

  • A better understanding of how to use your curiosity (in the work place and elsewhere).
  • Knowledge of the benefits attached to unleashing your curiosity and how they can help you in various aspects of life.
  • A more thorough understanding on how to identify and overcome curiosity inhibitors.

This course is divided into three weeks of content.

  • In the first week, learners will discover the value of curiosity and how it relates to the work place in particular. We look at communication, conflict, motivation and drive.

  • In the second week, learners will evaluate the relationship of curiosity with engagement, decision making, different types of intelligence (including emotional intelligence) and how improving curiosity can improve creativity and innovation. We also hear from several guest speakers who share their own curiosity insights with us.

  • In the third and final week, learners will discover what inhibits curiosity as well as determine ways to overcome those inhibitors.

In the next step, I will show you how to interact with your fellow learners as you progress through the course!

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Innovative Leadership: Developing Curiosity