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Week 2 introduction

I hope you are enjoying this course in developing curiosity. Last week we learned about the value of curiosity for our survival.

This week we will delve into how curiosity ties into some critical components of leadership and success in the workplace. We will look at how curiosity correlates with emotional intelligence, creativity, innovation, and so much more.

We must consider questions with everything we do. The more questions we ask, the more options we can have to incorporate into our final decisions. In the business world, we know companies want to hire people who are curious, but we also know that people are often hired for their knowledge more than their behaviors.

We can hire for curiosity, but most companies already have most of their employees in place. That is why it is critical to develop a culture of curiosity that leaders embrace at the top and share throughout all levels of the organisation. Whether you are a leader or want to be a leader, developing curiosity is critical for success.

Over to you

Now before we dive into this week, let’s take a moment to catch up with our fellow peers.

Using the comments section below, tell us who you are, what you have learnt so far or enjoyed the most from Week 1 and what you are most excited to explore in Week 2!

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