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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds Your list of ideas that you can try to support differentiating for learning should now be increasing. We’d like you to think about which one of these approaches you’re going to try and implement in the upcoming week. Do remember, it’s not just about having a good strategy. It’s also about how you use it and what effect it has on learning and your learners. So, as well as sharing specific approaches, can those that use them let everyone know how and why they worked and what pitfalls to avoid? Next week, we’ll go on to look at how your thinking has developed and what we can do to ensure that all learners, including ourselves, can do to continue to improve.

Reflecting on your learning

Chris draws the week to a close and encourages you to try out with your students some of the approaches you have encountered. As Chris states the most important aspect of this is how it affects your thinking and what you learn from doing it. Chris suggests that as well as sharing specific approaches you try to also let others know how and why they worked and what pitfalls to avoid.

This week you have:

  • Observed the use of a range of thinking organisers in the classroom
  • Considered how ‘help desks’ can be used to both support and challenge students and encourage independent learning


Take a moment now to complete your weekly reflection grid and share:

  1. Your key take-away from the week.
  2. What you want to find out more about in the upcoming weeks.
  3. Any outstanding questions you have. We encourage you to review each other’s comments and to provide your thoughts.

We will review comments to this step between 13-24 July to address your questions. You may wish to turn on notifications for replies to your comments.

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