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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds In this final week, you will hear our teachers reflecting on their teaching, and sharing their top tips for teachers, wanting to develop differentiating for learning practice. We’ll ask you to gather evidence from your own students about changes you’ve been making, so that you can reflect on their responses and continue to develop your practice. You’ll also consider why the mindset of all learners, ourselves and our students, needs to relish challenge, and believe that we can all improve, if we are to grow and learn.

The week ahead

In this video Dylan introduces the final week of the course during which you will:

  • Review in detail recordings of our teachers sharing their top tips for anyone wanting to develop their Differentiating for Learning practices
  • Consider how you could use a questionnaire with your students to develop your practice further
  • Return to the idea of classroom culture, motivation and teacher-student relationships that we looked at in Step 1.9 and develop this further when we look at the mindsets of all learners (including any adults!) in the classroom.

We hope you enjoy the final week of the course.

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Differentiation for Learning

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