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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 secondsWe hope you've now tried various ways of eliciting evidence and differentiating for your students. Now would be a good time to explore how your learners feel about learning in this way. Your next task is to devise and give a questionnaire so your learners tell you how they feel about the changes you have made in your classroom. This might also be a good point for you to return to and update your Reflection Grid.

What do your students think?

As we are approaching the end of the course, Dylan introduces your next task which is to use a questionnaire to ask your students for their views about how they feel about the changes you have made in your classroom and its impact on them.

To support you in creating your questionnaire you will find some sample questions we have written in the next step.

Depending on your timeframe you may gather and reflect on this evidence either before or after the course has finished.

If you are able to complete and analyse the questionnaire before the end of the course it would be good to share in the comments section on this step your reflections about your students’ responses and whether the analysis prompts you to do anything different in the future, and if so how.

Key points for you to reflect on would be:

  • Which changes have the students found helpful?
  • What aspects have the students been less happy about?
  • Were there any particular surprises or points of particular interest?

Alternatively, if you complete the activity after you have finished the course you could share your key points with colleagues in your school or college.

Dylan also encourages you to return to your reflection grid and update it.

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