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Gathering students' thoughts

How your students feel about the activities they engage in is important.

As mentioned in the previous step your task is to put together a questionnaire to find out how your students feel about the more differentiated approach you are taking in their lessons.

There are some sample questions below that we have written for you to use or adapt and they are available to download [DOCX] [PDF]. You may wish to deliver them using a Google Form or similar.

You will need to adapt them to take account of:

  • The age of your students
  • The subject you teach
  • The context in which you want to issue the questionnaire

Remember if you are able to complete the questionnaire and analyse the results before the end of the course you can go and post a summary of your reflections in the previous step.

  1. How have the activities in this topic been so far? * Easy * Okay * A bit challenging * Challenging

  2. How do you find the work that you cover in lessons? * I feel I learn new things * I feel I have done a lot of the work before * I find some of the work too easy * I find some of the work too hard * I am happy with the level of the work

  3. Which of the following have you found useful in helping you learn? * Being able to select which activities I start on * Working with others who help me sort things out * Knowing that there are support materials * Working on specific skills I advance of the main task

  4. How do you feel when an activity is challenging? * I want to give up * I ask a friend for help * I work out which bits I can do * I ask my teacher where to start

  5. How do you know where you are in your learning? * By asking my teacher * Looking at my test scores * Comparing myself with other students * Discussing my ideas with others

  6. Complete the following: * Learning in [Science/Maths/Xxxx] would be better if ………………

  7. Complete the following: * I found the use of the double bubble thinking organiser ……………… because ………………

(You may want to add questions that relate to any of the ideas you have tried with your students.)

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