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Reflect on your learning with Jane & Yeasmin: how has your practice changed?

We’d like you to spend some time now to review your development. This will help you identify changes in your practice and thinking, and help you plan where you need to go next.

  • Look back over your notes, contributions to course discussions, and the question and answer session from Step 5.2.
  • Compare your self-audit tasks from the start and end of the course.
  • Review your completed reflection grids that you have accumulated during the course.


Summarise in a few sentences how your practice and thinking has changed as a result of taking this course. Identify what you will do differently or will explore further:

  1. Next week
  2. Over the next three months
  3. Over the next year

Mentors’ final video diary

Jane and Yeasmin will record their final video diary after 7 February. This is an open step, so you will be able to watch the video after the course has finished. Bookmark the URL to your favourites.

Well done for the great work in this course.

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