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Good learning behaviours

In a study by Steven Boyle and others students were asked ‘What do you regard as good learning behaviours?’ Their responses included:

  • listens in class;
  • completes homework;
  • does not disrupt others;
  • follows instructions;
  • and completes class work.

The authors noted that these responses tend to illustrate compliant behaviour rather than good learning behaviours. They also noticed that these responses resembled the phrases in the student’s end of year report proforma, and wondered whether students had internalised these ideas and therefore regarded them as good learning behaviours. The authors suggest “these behaviours did not necessarily assist students in becoming effective learners; rather, they allowed the students to appear to be engaged in learning or to cope with their learning demands.”

In the next step we’ll look at what the authors of the study regarded as good learning behaviours.


Thinking about your own teaching, which good learning behaviours would you be most keen to develop in your students? There is no right or wrong answer here.

We’d like you share ONE suggestion in the comments below.

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