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Thank you for joining us on this course. We hope you have found it interesting and it has given you information and ideas that will help you in your own teaching practice. We also hope you have enjoyed working with other learners, sharing knowledge and opinions.

We would appreciate your feedback and would be grateful if you could find time to complete this short post-course questionnaire. We will use the information to improve this course and other courses available from the National STEM Learning Centre and FutureLearn.

Staying in touch

If you want to continue the conversation after the end of the course, or just to be kept abreast of any upcoming developments, then please join the Community Group that has been set up for this purpose on the STEM Learning website.

This course has focussed on differentiation by task (allowing appropriate access to the learning). But, as you may recall from Step 3.2, differentiation extends to:

  • outcome: how pupils communicate their learning
  • intervention: the teacher’s and others’ role during the learning
  • route: allowing different journeys through the learning

Should we develop three further courses to cover these additional aspects in more detail? We look forward to your thoughts.

Taking your learning further

We know that many people who take our courses are interested in taking their learning further. If this interests you, there is some information below about relevant courses offered by the National STEM Learning Centre.

Online STEM Teaching program

This course is one of three that comprise the new STEM Teaching program along with:

Together they form a suite of online courses that cover a vital set of skills for teachers of STEM subjects. If you have enjoyed this course then why consider joining the other two?

Managing Behaviour for Learning starts 19 September and is especially aimed at newly qualified teachers who may need additional advice and support during their early career. You may have colleagues who fall into this category.

Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching starts 31 October and is designed as a companion course to Differentiating for Learning in STEM Teaching.

Residential courses at the National STEM Learning Centre

The National STEM Learning Centre is the largest UK provider of subject-specific Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers and technicians working with pupils aged 5 to 19.

Browse the National STEM Learning Centre’s CPD catalogue to find courses and events that may be of interest to you; in the next step we make some specific recommendations for courses that attract significant bursaries.

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