Skip to 0 minutes and 5 secondsSo this week is one that requires thinking and planning as you begin to work out what your students' needs are within the particular topic they're studying. Next week we'll help you reflect on how this is played out in your classroom, and provide some activities to enable you to take forward differentiated learning for your students.

Concluding the first week

In this video Dylan draws Week 1 to a close and summarises the main focus of Week 2 which will be on diagnosing students’ current levels of understanding.

We would like you to begin jotting down questions about Differentiating for Learning for either Dylan or Chris. Doing this will help concentrate your mind on the course.

Chris and Dylan will respond to a selection of these questions during the online Q&A session scheduled for Week 3 of the course. We will explain how to submit these questions later in the course - for now use the Questions and Comments Grid DOCX PDF to keep a record of questions or comments that occur to you.

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Differentiating for Learning in STEM Teaching

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