Skip to 0 minutes and 5 secondsHopefully, the different activities and video footage of classrooms that you have seen this week has provided you with sufficient ideas of what you might try with one or more of your classes this week. Please make a note of any questions or comments that arise as you think about the ideas introduced and begin working on these with your students. These will be useful as you move forward from week to week, and also might lead to wider discussion with colleagues, either through our Online Question and Answer session or through the discussion board. So good luck in planning for some differentiated activities this week.

Concluding Week 2 of the course

In this short video Chris draws the week to a close.

She encourages you to:

  • Try out some diagnostic activities with your students
  • Reflect on how they go in practice

Share your experiences via the comments on this step.

We will remind you to report back on this task via the weekly course emails.

We hope you have enjoyed the second week of the course. Remember that if at any point during this course you feel stuck you can post a question in the discussion on Step 1.12.

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