Exercise: identifying inaccessible elements of forms

In week 2 you were introduced to some of the most common assistive technologies for people with disabilities including the screen reader.

In this exercise we ask you to use a screen reader to identify inaccessible elements on our example web page with a form (this form has been specifically created for use on this course).

If you do not have a screen reader installed yet, please use the instructions in step 2.8 to install one.

Then try to navigate with Tab, Shift+Tab, and Up- and Down- arrow keys.

Activate form elements while having your eyes closed or better still covering up or dimming your screen so you cannot cheat!

What accessibility problems did you encounter on our example web page with a form?

© This work is a derivative of a work created by Høgskolen i Oslo go Akershus and Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, and licensed under CC-BY BY 4.0 International Licence adapted and used by the University of Southampton. Erasmus + MOOCs for Accessibility Partnership.

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