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Course guide

This is a course with many participants and a very mixed audience, from school leavers to postgraduates and beyond. We’re trying to provide something for everyone, so don’t worry if you find some steps more relevant than others for your CV. You should also be aware that while a course on online CVs makes it vital that we refer you to support materials available on the internet, this does not mean that we are endorsing any of those sites; it simply means that we have exemplified elements of the course through these selections, but they could have been drawn from many other sources. You should also be aware that, while this course is helpful in producing a resume, this is a much shorter document (two pages) than a CV, which can be much longer. The word ‘resume’ comes from the French meaning, ‘a summary’, so it is a summary of your strengths rather than a fuller expansion of those abilities.

Before we begin

Before you actually begin this course, it is helpful for you to think about the kind of online CV you want to create. You see, you could have a highly creative CV bursting with technology, such as video, links to your personal website, and snapshots of your successes, and so on…

Or you might want to add, maybe, one or two of these things, but no more… Or you might want to get some tips to polish your existing CV, without too many technological aspects. It all depends on the job.

How can the course help?

The course will help you in lots of ways:

Week 1: Beginning your CV As the title suggests, this will get you started. We’ll look at some of the important elements of a CV, some of which you’ll have thought of and others you might not have. We will also introduce you to some of the technologies you might use.

Week 2: Building your CV This week is about building on Week 1 by looking at good and bad CVs,as well as continuing to develop your knowledge of the main parts of a CV as well as looking further at the technology that can be used in a CV. The idea underpinning the course is that you try to place yourself in the position, not just of a job applicant, but of an employer.

Week 3: Finalising your CV?

Here, we explore, among other things, some of the things you can do to take advantage of technology and the discussion topics will help you to decide on how much technology you want in your CV.

Should I complete all of the activities?

In short, yes! At the beginning of the course, you need to either dust off an existing CV or begin to create a fresh one. Then, at the end of each week you can build into your CV all of the new things you’ve learned. In some cases, this might mean adding just a little, while in other cases it might mean adding quite a lot.


You’ll also have the chance to have part of your new CV peer reviewed by another learner. This is not as scary as it sounds. It just means that you have the benefit of having someone else look over it to tell you how it looks to others, rather than yourself. This is a great help as other people can make suggestions you might not have thought of yourself.

Comment areas

Once you have completed a step, you will often be directed to the comments area to expand on your ideas, to listen to others, to challenge the ideas of others and to learn how to improve your CV. Learners have a very important role to play in the learning process in this course, in fact, they’re vital.

There will be two people supporting you here – Willie, the Lead Educator, and Viktoria, the mentor. We’ll spread good ideas and help to keep you on track.

Statement of participation

Those of you who complete 50% of the course have the opportunity to purchase a Statement of Participation, those who completed 90% or more have the opportunity to purchase a Certificate of Achievement to show that you have successfully completed the majority of the steps on this free online course.

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