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Week 1 Summary

Now that you have successfully completed Week 1 of the course, it’s time to reflect on the key messages from it.

Week 1 has been about beginnings. It’s been about either dusting off an old CV you’ve maybe had for some time or about beginning to create one from scratch. This will give you a starting point from which you can judge the extent to which your CV has been improved.

Key messages

So, you should now be a little more familiar with things that you’d probably not considered before. Getting the basics right, how to convey personality, and the top five personality traits sought after by employers. We’ve also looked at other vitally important areas such as communicating enthusiasm, and the webinar gave you a great coverage of the main things you must include in a CV. We’ve also looked at what an online CV is and at three aspects of online CVs you may not have considered before: infographics, flyers, and video personal statements.

Finally, and most importantly, before you move onto Week 2, you should try to improve your existing CV using the new skills you’ve learned in Week 1, if you haven’t done so already.

So, think about:

  • What’s missing from your CV?
  • What do you need to re-word?
  • Does your CV communicate personality?
  • Does it carry enthusiasm?

Next week, we’ll find out how you can further enhance your online CV, for example by looking at some bad and some good CVs.

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