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Job advert

Job advert analysis

To be successful in applying for a job, you need to think yourself into the position of the employer who will be looking at your CV to determine if you have shown that you have the right experience, skills, knowledge, and qualifications for the job. The next steps this week are designed to help you do that.

Usually, jobs will have two vital tools for you: a job description and a person specification. Obviously, you need to have the skills to do the job and these will be covered in the job description, but, just as important, is the person specification as this describes the sort of person they believe will ‘fit’ with their organisation.

Let’s now practise how good you are at reading job adverts. Read the two examples provided and reflect on the following discussion points:

  1. What are the key differences between the two job adverts?
  2. Which one do you find easier to read and understand?
  3. What skills, knowledge and experience does Job advert 1 require from the applicant?
  4. What skills, knowledge and experience does Job advert 2 require from the applicant?

These discussion points are for you to reflect on; however, please feel free to use the comments area to share your thoughts. See if you highlighted similar skills/knowledge/experience as your peers did.

There are no right or wrong answers!

Job advert 1: studio manager

Full details available here

Job advert 2: music editor

Full details are available in the downloads section below.

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