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Online CV samples

So, it’s now time to look in more detail at some exceptionally creative online CVs. We’ve selected these to show you what can (and is) being done with online CVs, but, while we’d encourage you to develop such CVs if you have some coding skills, we also recognise that they need specialised skills. For the following task, you need to read the article below and then go to the comments area to debate the topics later. What are your points of agreement? What are your points of disagreement? Why aren’t video CVs more popular? Are they appropriate for every job?

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Let’s now widen our study of CVs a little. Read these interactive CVs.

Which would you consider using? Which would you reject? Why?

Let us now summarise the positives and negatives of these interactive CVs. A good online CV is unique but is also fit for purpose. Let’s say that you are planning to apply for a job in marketing or retail. It’s absolutely fine to create your CV based on an ‘Amazon’ look then, or if you are applying for a job in the film industry, why not to make use of videos and sound clips as you don’t want your CV to end up on the cutting room floor. It might not be a bad idea to ask some help from professional designers. The table below will also help you in developing your CV (make sure you pay particular attention to good characteristics. Don’t mix them up.):

Good CV: Bad CV:
markets you for a particular job is too general
summarises your career and educational history is too long (or short)
emphasises skills and knowledge needed for a particular job has misspellings and typos
focuses on your achievements speaks in passive voice
provides your contact details and makes use of your social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Academia.edu etc) is designed unprofessionally
is clear and structured well presents uncomfortable personal details
looks good (focus on uniqueness) has no structure or logic


You will have seen a range of imaginative and exciting work as you scanned through the samples. For what jobs would these CVs work? What are some of the disadvantages of using such creative CVs?

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