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Week 2 summary

Now that you have successfully completed Week 2 of the course, it’s time to reflect on the key messages from this week.

This week has been about building your CVs beyond the basics. It’s been about making those changes that will really help to bring your CV to the attention of an employer. Employers deal with LOTS of CVs; what is important is that your CV stands out from the rest so that you get that all-important interview.

Key messages:

So, you should now be familiar with things that you’d probably not considered before. Skills, competencies, job outlines and their analyses. There’s much more to writing a successful online CV than you might have thought.

Again, to stress the importance of one of our key messages, you’ve had the chance to see and listen to the views of employers, recruiters, and careers advisors, all people who know a lot about great CVs. In other words, you’re being helped to position yourself as an employer; not as a employee.

Looking Forward

Next week, we’ll focus more on how hi-tech you want your CV to be. By this stage, you’ll have had a chance to think about this and, this week, we’ll help you to really perfect your finished CV.

Finally, and most importantly, before you move onto Week 3, you should try to improve your existing CV using the new skills you’ve learned in Week 2, if you haven’t done so already.

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