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What is QR code?

QR code is short for, ‘quick response.’ It’s used to store information about the item to which it’s linked. In the case above, the link is to this course! I use one to link to my publications, CV, and to my online ‘landing page’ at the University of Glasgow.

Why use it?

It’s cool! Let’s be honest.

It’s quick! The links happen very quickly.

It stores a lot of information.

It’s creative and has many uses

What can it do?

1 It can provide quick links to items that can help you to net that job as there’s no need to type in url browser details!

2 For example, it can link to your CV via an E-Business card, a (Vcard) or from your CV to your personal web page, or from your CV to a video where you’re receiving an award. The list is limited only by your imagination!

How do I get one?

Easily. There are lots of easy to use free code generators online, simply type ‘QR code generator’ into a search engine. And the instructions couldn’t be simpler.

1 Select a QR code generator.

2 Test it.

3 Use it!

There are also lots of free Vcard generators that will create an electronic business card for you, simply type ‘vcard generator’ into a search engine.

With many of the generators you can also add QR code to your Vcard providing links to your CV or to any of its components!

What else do I need?

You need a QR code reader/scanner. These are available for iphone and android platforms. Just download the app. It’s easy!

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