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What’s an infographic?

This word is a shortened version of ‘information graphic’. Infographics aim to present information quickly and clearly in a graphic or visual form.

There are a number of advantages to using an infographic as an addition to your CV. Many people like to process information through visual images in addition to words. In this way, the diagrammatical format of Infographics can appeal to many employers.

Additonally, an employer can quickly grasp if you represent an attractive proposition for the company, so it’s a stepping stone to the employer looking more carefully at your CV and towards getting that, all-important interview.


1 Easy to follow

2 Tell a story

3 Use the right colours

4 Keep it simple

How do I make one?

Creating an infographic is something you should do after you’ve completed our CV as then you’ll have all of the information for which the infographic will form a summary.

One of the easiest ways to create your own infographic is by using one of the many free online infographic creators, such as this one.


In the comments section discuss how useful you think an infographic would be to your job search. You may wish to read these infographics to help frame your discussions.

Here are some interesting articles showing tips on how to create infographics and some employer views of infographic CVs.

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