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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds Hello. My name is Andrew Godley. I’m a professor at Henley Business School, and I’m the Director of the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship. There are three questions that we want you to think about as we go into this introductory week. Firstly, we want you to ask yourselves whether you’re really knowledgeable about new digital technology. Secondly, we want you to think about who is a digital leader. Historically, most organisations have separated IT or technology competencies, technology skills, from leadership and senior management. But nowadays, that’s no longer possible. And finally, we want you to think about what it is that makes digital leadership really good. What are the competencies. What are the strengths and capabilities that are required to make effective digital leadership.

What we'll cover in Week 1

Now let’s narrow our focus on Week 1. Watch this video to hear Andrew Godley explain more about the topics you’ll be covering this week.

Whilst you work through the various Steps, we would like you to think about the following:

  • How much do you already know about new digital technology?

  • Traditionally, who are the digital leaders in your company?

  • What makes a good digital leader?

Through the articles, videos, discussions and optional polls, we will help you think about these questions within the context of your own organisation. Remember that the mentor team will be on hand to answer some of your questions, but they won’t be able to respond to everyone. For this reason you may like to ‘Follow’ them by clicking on the links to their Profiles so you can access their responses throughout the course.

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