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Video update on the week's activities

Lisa has posted the Team’s week 1 reflections on our You Tube Channel.

You can also check out some reflections from the Digital Marketing MSc students on our YouTube Channel aswell.

A review of week 1 …

  • You have been encouraged to join the learning community by writing your first post and sharing both what is motivating you to do the course and where you are located (nearest town/city & country) (Step 1.1).

  • You have been introduced to the course educators and to the whole team of contributors and course mentors (Step 1.2).

  • you have been introduced to the use of storytelling in marketing (Step 1.1 and Step 1.6 and encouraged to use the social tools of digital marketing to share your own stories (from Step 1.5)

  • You have taken part in an introductory debate about whether digital marketing can be viewed as a force for good or evil (from Step 1.11)

  • You have watched and read two stories of organisations who are taking very different approaches to digital marketing and shared your own examples (from Step 1.15)

  • You have been introduced to the relationship between theory and practice in digital marketing and how each can inform and enhance the other (Step 1.18)

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