Video update on the week's activities

Feedback on the week’s activities will be provided via a near real-time video update on our YouTube Channel.

There are now two new videos:

  • one from the Digital Marketing team

  • and another from some University of Southampton students who are currently studying for an MSc in Digital Marketing

Julia has provided feedback for those of you who completed the customer journey survey:

“The results are based on 244 usable responses. Thanks to all who participated.

*While the results are representative of the respondents’ stated behaviours and preferences, they may not be representative of the population at large.

Key findings:

  1. Respondents’ reported average personal weekly spend on fitness routines across channels is equivalent to 13 US dollars. Respondents reported spending weekly on average $8 in Asia, $14 in Europe, $13 in North America.

  2. 4 in 10 respondents routinely use apps or devices to track their fitness, regardless of gender. A similar proportion (40%) stated that sharing their latest achievements motivates them to keep fit.

  3. Women respondents are significantly more likely to use social media to interact with fitness brands or apps (43%) than male respondents (20%)

  4. A great majority, (76%) prefer a fitness app or website that has educational content e.g. ‘how to’ videos

  5. Content personalised to individual preferences, reviews by other users and discounts are ranked as the next most important features of a fitness app / website.

This is just a snapshot of reported behaviours in time. If you are interested in more insight into multichannel fitness routines, we invite you to read (and respond to) stories written by fellow learners in Step 2.8.

Further discussion questions:

What are your reflections on the study’s findings?

How do you think the expected multichannel journeys will change in future?

Can you think of ways in which a fitness brand could utilise a mobile app / wearable to help consumers in their fitness journey?”

A review of week 2 …

  • you have been introduced to the variety of mobile devices that consumers and marketers now use and how they use them (from Step 2.2)

  • you shared your own stories about how you use your devices and looked at how technology has changed over our lifetimes (Step 2.4 and Step 2.5)

  • you have examined the concept of customer journeys and the implications of this behaviour for marketers (from Step 2.7)

  • you have shared your stories of location-based marketing and whether or not you find such information useful or intrusive (from Step 2.9)

  • you have considered the problems of ownership of digital assets and what this means for our own digital possessions (from Step 2.13)

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