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Video update on the week's activities

Feedback on the week’s activities will be provided via a near real-time video update on our YouTube Channel.

The review of week 2 is now posted

Don’t forget to complete Julia’s survey in Step 2.8 if you’ve not yet done so - we will be sharing the results with you this weekend.

  • you have been introduced to the variety of mobile devices that consumers and marketers now use and how they use them (from Step 2.2)

  • you shared your own stories about how you use your devices and looked at how technology has changed over our lifetimes (Step 2.4 and Step 2.5)

  • you have examined the concept of customer journeys and the implications of this behaviour for marketers (from Step 2.7)

  • you have shared your stories of location-based marketing and whether or not you find such information useful or intrusive (from Step 2.9)

  • you have considered the problems of ownership of digital assets and what this means for our own digital possessions (from Step 2.13)

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