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Course overview and requirements

Course Topics

This course is divided into four required modules–or weeks–of content that will help you master the fundamentals of modern product management:

Week 1: Achieving Focus and #Winning

Week 2: Using Today’s Modern PM Methods

Week 3: Exploring a New Product Idea

Week 4: Amplifying an Existing Product

Course Components:

Lecture videos: Videos provide the main content.

Quizzes: We provide practice quizzes throughout to help you gauge your understanding and gear up for the tests, which you will complete at the end of each week. After completing each quiz, you’ll get feedback on your responses to help you understand why an answer is correct or incorrect. We encourage you to take the practice quizzes until you get 100% to help you do well on the tests.

Tests: To unlock the tests you need to either upgrade this course or buy Unlimited. Test steps will help you to verify your understanding of the course content. If you’d like to earn a Certificate of Achievement on this course you need to complete all the tests, scoring an average of 70% or above. Here is the link to the upgrade.

Templates and tutorials: Alex has developed detailed tutorials and templates that he provides access to in the Resources, Tutorials, & Tools activity in Week 1 under Welcome to the Course! Feel free to use these in your daily work.

Slides: PDFs of the slides, which you can download and use for note-taking as you watch Alex’s videos, are located in the Slides activity in Week 1 under Welcome to the Course!

Discussions: Use this space to ask questions and support each other through the course.

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