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Skip to 0 minutes and 2 seconds We’ve talked about the job of product management. We’ve talked about what it really means. And we’ve talked about how to drive to the right kind of focus here at the intersection of these three things. And that’s just so important because it’s not enough to be busy. Lot’s of great product managers are busy and starved for time. But really, really fantastic product managers know how to create the right focus and let those other things melt away. And they know how to translate that focus into the right kind of interfaces with their collaborators. Interfaces that on the one hand help them understand the bigger picture of what you’re doing for the customer.

Skip to 0 minutes and 40 seconds And why it’s important, and why that’s going to be valuable. But too, also translated into things that are actionable so they can focus in their particular area and work with you through a rich interface. Where you’re learning about what’s working in their area, and you’re bringing that back to that core customer focus.

Week 1 takeaways

In this summary video, Alex highlights key takeaways of a product manager’s role in an organization. As you prepare for week two, reflect on the relationships a product manager has with other teams in a company.

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