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What to expect next week

This week we have grappled with some of the big issues associated with safe and appropriate use of the internet. We’ve seen how the internet can enable us to present different personas, and we’ve looked at the opportunities presented when we create an online identity and engage with peers online.

You’ll have identified if you’re a visitor or a resident in the online space, and you’ve hopefully got a handle on some of the things we need to consider when starting to make use of online platforms: things like information security and passwords, data protection and other legal rights. We have even started to look ahead to some of the issues we will be exploring in more detail next week, such as how we respond to the challenges of social media and deal with internet trolls.

So, what was the highlight for you this week? How did you get on with the test? Are there any concepts that you are still struggling to grasp? Do let us know in the comments below.

Next week we will be tackling some of the complexities of engagement, social responsibility and ethics in the online arena. We will consider some of the big questions about digital society, like surveillance, censorship and free speech, and what this means for democracy.

We will also find out how citizens are harnessing the power of online communications to reach new audiences, raise money and disseminate research.

See you then!

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