Skip to 0 minutes and 9 secondsI'm not going to detail the definition of a service Basically, a service can be summed up as a transaction that provides A client or user with an added value that's not a material object That's something we're all familiar with Let's look more closely at the definition of digitizing a service To start, let's take a small step back into the past, or a rather big one When I was an engineering student in the 70s, the term "digital" was widely used in the electronics industry It referred to the new digital world in which physical signals could be illustrated in terms of a series of digits instead of a smooth analog wave And if you remember them, seven-segment LED displays allowed us to observe these signals

Skip to 0 minutes and 57 secondsThe etymology of the term "digital" was based on the word "digits" because it allowed for: "one, two, three... We can count with our fingers." So the term "digital" is at the heart of this new world And it's a term that is well known by forty and fifty year old managers They even sometimes have a hard time understanding what all the fuss is about this new "digital" revolution, which started around 2010 So what happened? Well, it really is a revolution!

Skip to 1 minute and 27 secondsAnd I'm not talking about computers or the internet Smartphones and tablets are really the starting point of this new digital world In addition to being mobile, these new devices are equipped with touchscreens that we can easily control with our fingers, or digits! So this is our new definition of the term "digital" Digitized services are therefore digital in the traditional sense, and nothing really new about that since the 70s But they're also services offered to clients via a mobile device with a touchscreen that is easy to use, which in most cases means a smartphone To realize how important this change is, it's important to remember that smartphones and tablets have already largely outpaced fixed devices such as desktop computers

A new digital domain

What new terminals are at the origin of this digital domain?

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