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Coventry University believes that a good student experience is central to learning at a world class standard.

The Coventry Way

Coventry University believes that a good student experience is central to learning at a world-class standard.

We aim to produce learning that is both innovative and cutting edge with a supportive environment to ensure student success.

For that reason, we have created these courses that offer students a chance to learn in a flexible manner. Through online delivery we offer an engaging and dynamic experience.

We have teamed up with FutureLearn to offer students world-class courses with all the rigour and support offered in our face-to-face courses but with the ability to study in a manner best suited to your needs.

Your learning journey

Some of you might be taking this course as part of a degree on FutureLearn, while others will be taking it as a stand alone learning journey. Whatever your situation, we hope you find the course valuable!

For those enrolled onto the degree - or those interested in further study - this course is the first short course in the Disaster Interventions, Evaluation and Learning program which forms part of the MSc Disaster Management and Resilience online degree at Coventry University. The program is made up of ten weeks (five two-week short courses), taught on FutureLearn, followed by an additional period to submit your assessment (details of which can be found on the Assessment tab of the program page).

In addition to the courses in FutureLearn, the program page gives you access to live tutorials, student support sessions and further study resources and services once you’re enrolled as a student at Coventry University. We’re sorry, but these extra services are limited to those learners enrolled onto the degree.

Meet the team

Photograph image of Burcak Basbug Your lead educator is Burcak Basbug Erkan Module Course Leader, at Coventry University. She has 20 years of international work on disaster risk reduction, policy development, financial management of disaster losses, catastrophe insurance and statistics.

You can follow Burcak Basbug Erkan by selecting the link to her FutureLearn profile page and selecting ‘Follow’. That way, you’ll be able to see all the comments that she makes.

Getting started

Over the next two weeks, you will be working closely with your colleagues on the course, so take this chance to introduce yourself to both your educators and your colleagues. If you wish, you may share what has brought you to take part in the course through Coventry University.

Note: any external links in this course will take you to third-party websites, which may ask for your personal details. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

Your task

Introduce yourself to the rest of your group in the comments.

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