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The state of the humanitarian system

Every two to three years, ALNAP produces a report on the state of the humanitarian system with each version providing a more detailed and revealing portrait of the system than its predecessor, drawing more and more on the voice and experiences of affected populations to provide legitimacy to its findings.

We would like you to read specifically the 24 page summary section of the 2018 State of the Humanitarian System report. The main findings of the 2015 report are presented within the following presentation:

State of the Humanitarian System 2018

Your task

Review this summary document and building upon your own experience and reflections on the course to date, discuss with your fellow learners.

How far this report reflects the realities of organisations or humanitarian contexts familiar to you?

If you have alternative experiences and views please share them with your fellow students


ALNAP (2018) State of the Humanitarian System 2018. London: ALNAP

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