Two women are sitting down on a mat. The woman on the right, is holding a tablet and is conveying information to woman on the left, who is listening intently. In front of them are an assortment of papers and notebooks with pencils.
Community health worker collects data on vaccinations, hospitalisations, disease spread, births and deaths, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Top 5 Resources

This step lays out key readings for this week covering outbreak preparedness, detection and response.

LSHTM. 2019. Animation: Disease outbreak preparedness. Available from:

HealthMap. Global map of disease outbreaks. Available from:

WHO. Outbreaks: Behind the headlines. Available from:

WHO. An R&D blueprint for action to prevent epidemics: Plan of action.

WHO. Guidance for managing ethical issues in infectious disease outbreaks. Available from:

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Disease Outbreaks in Low and Middle Income Countries

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