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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second You got a scholarship because you’re a minority, right? >> Where you from? I mean where are you really from? You were born in Fort Wayne?!? >> You look like one of those terrorists. >> Did you grow up on a reservation? >> I bet you’re a good dancer. >> You don’t look gay. >> You have a girlfriend? Were you born that way? >> [FOREIGN] I actually don’t do that. Ever. >> Hey do you know any good Mexican restaurants around here? >> You like fried chicken, right? >> So you were in the army? Did you ever kill anybody? >> Looks like we got white privilege in the room. >> You have internet where you come from?!

Skip to 0 minutes and 38 seconds >> Is it true you’re terrible drivers? >> My gosh! Can I touch your hair? Is this okay? >> Are you a man or woman? >> How’d you learn to speak English so well? Maybe because I was born and raised in Iowa. >> You’re so articulate! >> Do you know any terrorists? >> Why are you and your friends so loud? >> Do you have PTSD? Why do you wear that thing on your head? >> You have a scholarship for basketball, right? >> Are you from Ecuador? Is that like a third world country? >> You can’t feel anything below your waist? So how do you… >> Why do you wear that? >> Really? You’re studying engineering?

Skip to 1 minute and 15 seconds >> I bet you’re good at math >> So like what’s your deal? I mean ethnically speaking? >> Whassup! >> Whassup! >> Whassup! Just because I’m Black. I don’t actually say whassup.

Things people say

This video shares examples of common stereotypes that may be applied when we meet a diverse other. These stereotypes typically are our first, unconscious thoughts. These are usually over-generalizations of diverse others. They can be positive or negative. Often they are not appreciated by a person of diversity.

Please watch this video and then mark this step complete. The steps following will guide your reflection and discussion on this topic of common stereotypes relating to diversity.

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